Welcome to the Division for Health Sciences Diversity payment system for VCU Pipeline Programs!

This is a secure web site designed to accept application or program fee payments for VCU Pipeline Programs. Fees vary based on individual programs. Applicants are encouraged to review the specific requirements on http://www.dhsd.vcu.edu/ to determine if payment is necessary, and cost. Students requesting financial waivers are encouraged to email pipelineapp@vcu.edu.

To make an online payment, please enter all the data carefully for successful processing. All data entered will be stored in an encrypted format on VCU servers, kept with the utmost care and protected against third parties access. We will not disclose any data you enter to third parties.

For further information, please refer the VCU Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a refund please contact the VCU Pipeline Team at pipelineapp@vcu.edu or 804-827-0982.

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